Pan Alive


Friday, August 4, 2017

BAND                                                              SONG                                    TOTAL SCORE          PLACEMENT


Pan Fantasy                                                   Full Extreme                          276                             1st


Salah Steelpan Academy                              Full Extreme                          267.5                          2nd


Pan Masters Steel Orchestra                       Fire Down Below                   263                             3rd


Silhouettes                                                    Full Extreme                           260.5                           4th


Afro Pan Steelband                                      Full Extreme                           260                              5th


Panatics Steelpan Network                         Good Morning                        250                              5th


JK Pan Vibrations                                        Leave Me Alone                      246                              7th


New Dimension                                            Good Morning                        245.5                            8th


Golden Harps International                        Extreme                                   230                              9th


Forest Creek Pathway Steel Orchestra     Pan In A Minor                        224.5                           10th


St. Jamestown Youth Ctr                            Breakthrough                          192.5                           11th



Pan Alive


Friday, July 29, 2016

BAND                                                              SONG                                    TOTAL SCORE          PLACEMENT


Pan Fantasy                                                   Unforgetable                          258                             1st


Afropan                                                          Different Me                            248                             2nd


Salah Steelpan Academy                             Bass On Fire                           244                             3rd


Silhouettes                                                    Madd Music                            243                              4th


Brampton Golden Harps Int.                       Oil and Music                          238                              5th


JK Pan Vibrations                                        Free Up                                    238                              5th


Panatics Steelpan Network                         What Yuh Come Here For      232                              7th


New Dimension                                            Scene                                       226                              8th


Pan Masters Pan                                          Night and Day                         225                              9th


St. Jamestown Youth Ctr                            Breakthrough                          192                             10th



Pan: A Medium for Social Good


By Lincoln Depradine


The contribution of the steel pan movement to the social good of society is often diminished and overlooked.

At their genesis and advent, and during their early formative years in their birthplace in Trinidad & Tobago, steelbands were exclusively the domain of men; and, because of the nature of the time, they were men who were overwhelmingly poor and Black, on the fringes of society, and who were assigned labels such as "hooligans" and "badjohns".

However, over the past few decades, a transformation in steel bands' membership has occurred; a scan of any steel orchestra anywhere - including among those in Canada that form part of the Ontario Steel pan Association (OSA) - will reveal bands' membership with a large percentage of boys and girls, as well as adult professional females.

The 2015 Pan Alive competition, organized by OSA, is scheduled for July 31 at Lamport Stadium, 1151 King St. West, Toronto. Certainly, none of the orchestras would be able to enter a sizeable outfit in Pan Alive, without the significant input of women and school-age boys and girls, who are pannists today.

As a medium for engaging youth in positive social and cultural activities, few other organizations attract as many young people - of diverse ethnicities and cultural backgrounds - as do steelbands in Ontario and Canada. Youth bond with one another and find camaraderie with their peers. And the bands' captains, managers and arrangers provide more than instructions in the art of penmanship to the youth; they often act as guidance counselors and mentors to the young people on issues of education, jobs and careers.


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